World Environment Day ( LET’S REVIVE TO SURVIVE)

World Environment Day (WED) is a UN Environment-led global event observed on June 5th every year, for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues. 
This year India is the proud host of this event and the theme for this year is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. So let’s all join together to combat single-use plastic pollution, explore sustainable alternatives and endeavour to reduce the use of plastic polluting land and water.

Let each one of us take ownership of our environment and actively engage in the protection of our Earth.
Looking for some shade but no stop by
The scorching sun hurts with not a single cloud in the cosmic blue sky
Planning a retreat for some fresh air and a scenic view
Blaming the changing times without realizing the reason is YOU!

Every time you wish for change,
Look in the mirror and wish to change
Be the change you want to see
Make the place where you live,
A place where you would want to be

We can rebuild what we have lost
And that would require just a little time and effort and no extra cost
So wake up today before it’s too late
So wake up today before we suffocate
Because what you give is what you get
So be the change
And do not regret

The lines above signify that if each one of us consciously makes an effort to save the environment, this world will be a far better place to live. What we give to the environment is what we would eventually get back, so let us begin with at least making one conscious effort to protect our environment and pledge to combat single-use plastic pollution.

MADE EASY SCHOOL is making a conscious effort towards bringing about a change and educating our students to say NO to Plastic. The school creates its own paper bags with waste paper to ensure the minimal use of plastic in the school and instill a sense of sustainability not only among our students but also their parents.


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